cherry deodorant spray



bio enzyme/alive bacteria total odor eliminator (ready to use)



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Each and every member of the AIS Specialty Products Inc. team shares one simple mission:


"To satisfy each and every customer time and time again by providing the most effective products available, in an effort to minimize the labor required to perform their daily tasks; by following up each sale with kind assistance and constant support in the hope of a long mutually beneficial business relationship; by doing our part as a responsible company to protect our precious environment"



From our modest beginnings as a Specialty Industrial and Maintenance Supply company, AIS Specialty Products Inc., has grown to become one of the premier sources of environmentally concerned cleaning solutions for State, Federal, military, and businesses nationwide.


The key to our success has been “Customer Satisfaction”. We go beyond our high quality products, innovative systems, and professional associates to offer you the following services to ensure full satisfaction.

9831 Independence Avenue,
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Telephone:1 855-279-4358
FAX:1 818-534-5502
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